Popular Group

Popular Electronics:

Popular Electronics was established in 1980 and since then has been the leading and largest Wholesale and Retail Electronics Suppliers in the UAE. Being one of the first Companies in UAE to supply Digital Computers in the 80’s, we have been able to cater to all of the Electronic needs of the Schools, Universities, Telecom Agencies and Govt. Departments all over the UAE and neighboring countries.


Our Products include Test Instruments, Educational Equipment and Modules, Wahl Clippers and Trimmers, Electronic Tools and Toolkits, Electronics Components and Modules, Power Supplies, Inverters, Cables, Connectors, Voltage Regulators, Trainers, School, college and Industry based Projects, Led Lighting, Production Modules, DIY Kits, etc.


Popular Electronics is headed by Mr. Abdulla J Al Shamsi and Mr. Saif J Al Shamsi and has over 6 outlets over various Emirates in the UAE. With over 75 employees Popular Electronics has Sister concerns that deals with LED Lighting, Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Building Contracting.

Awards and Recognitions:

Popular Electronics has received various Awards from the Dubai Police, Higher Colleges of Technology, IAT, Proskit, Wahl, Ministry of Education, Drydocks.

Our Customers:

Our Primary customers are Higher Colleges of Technology, ADVETI, Dubai Police, Drydocks,  Etisalat, UAE Navy, Petroleum Institute, EIAST, Ajman University,  American University, Khalifa University, CERT, Civil Aviation Department, DEWA, DP World, Emirates,  Dubai Municipality,  RTA Dubai, SEWA, UAE University , Aviation college , Dubai Airport etc.

Our Suppliers:

Proskit Industries, Taiwan; Delorenzo, Italy; Mega Electronics, UK; K & H, Taiwan; Rigol, China; ABI Electronics,UK ; Scientech,India; Future Kits, Thailand;  Goodwill Instek, Taiwan; Lutron, Taiwan; Popular, Taiwan;  Tes Electrical, Taiwan.