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LER-121A, EPROMs Eraser with Timer

The LER-121A allows you to erase up to 12 Eproms simultaneously. It is equipped with an adjustable timer 
up to 60 minutes, an LED indicator for tube light status (on/off), an electronic starter for longer UV tube reliability, as well as a circuit breaker to prevent from UV exposure if case the enclosure opens 

Ultraviolet (UV) tube at wavelenght 253.7nm, and 4W power
Equipped with electronic starter to extend the product life
The timer can be set from zero to 60 minutes
Powerful UV tube ensures that all ICs are exposed to the maximum UV light
Drawer to place in the EPROMs on antistatic rubber
Protecting users from UV exposure when opening the device drawer, with an automatic UV light shut-off 
LED on the top panel indicates the on/off status of UV tube
Complete coverage of the erase area
Dimensions 24 x 8.5 x 9.5 cm
Weight 1.2Kg
Erase time recommended between 10 and 20 mimutes
Erase up to 12 EPROMs simultaneously (24 pins) or 7 EPROMs simultaneously (28/32 pins)

Kit Contents

An eraser in a metallic housing (with drawer, adjustable timer, and 4W Ultraviolet tube)
DC power adaptor 9V at 500mA
User manual in English and French


Ultra Violet Erasers

Accessory Type EPROM Eraser with Timer
For Use With ATMEL Microcontroller Programmes, PIC

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