WAHL Groomsman Pro

AED 102.00 Without VAT

All-in-one battery trimmer For the whole body.


Hair removal kit for the whole body including beard trimmer, cutting set for fine work, attachment for nose and ear hair and razor head.


Precision ground, self-sharpening cutting set made of high quality special steel for a professional cut and consistent results.


Ultra-strong battery for 60 minutes of wireless work.


6-way adjustable attachment comb for cutting lengths from 2 to 12 mm and 3 attachment combs for stubble beard (1.5 mm), a 3-day beard (3 mm) and full beard (4.5 mm)


Item No .: 
EU pin: 09855-1216 
UK pin: 09855-1227  

Operating time of the battery: 60 minutes  

EU pin: 4 015110 007517 
UK pin: 0 043917 001524  

Weight: 110 g  

Charging time of the battery: 12 hours  

Mains voltage: 230 V  

Cutting set: Precision ground, self-sharpening cutting set  

Cutting width: 30 mm  

Cutting length: 0.7 mm  

Packing unit: 3