QX-SL-01-M:   Stirling Engine Kit 1
QX-SL-01-M:   Stirling Engine Kit 2
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QX-SL-01-M: Stirling Engine Kit

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Stirling Engine Kit DIY Hot Air Electricity Power Generator Model Education Toy

Stirling Engine Kit DIY Hot Air Electricity Power Generator Model Education Toy 

  • EXTREMLY WELL-MADE---- The board is made of high quality steel with Fine grinding and surface spray paint; "V" type bracket symbolizes the "victory", use high grade zinc alloy stand(sturdy and fruiting); Flywheel, air exchange piston, power cylinder liner and hot cylinder liner is made of aluminum fine cars, fine milling, texture and beauty double combination; Axle joints connected with very high precision miniature bearings, stability without lubrication; This is a very elegant and smoothly
  • LONG LASTING & FREE SPARE PARTS---- The heating head of the hot cylinder is made of stainless steel, it is more safe and durable than ordinary glass cylinders, It did come with one O-rings, allen keys repair tools and others parts inside the package, check the gallery picture. You can replace it fast and easily if any broken. You can contact us for support if need. We also can make offer for your future parts requirement.
  • EASY OPERATION---- Fill the bottle with alcohol(Not included--the liquid cannot be transported), and place the wick. Let it burn for about 20 seconds, then give the wheel a flick. That's all it takes to start the model.
  • SPARK INTEREST IN SCIENCE----The grand-kids enjoy it and have gained an understanding of striling model. This is a fully functioning engine used as a teaching tool to demonstrate how energy(heat) can be transformed into mechanic work.
  • Amazing conversation pieces on your desk & COOL GIFT -- Decorative and impressive, it's proven to be a conversation starter to impress your visitors. It can be a great gift to your families or friends. It also can be used for teaching purpose. Many of our customers comes from school, colleague, etc. It’s a cool piece of art even just stands on your desk.

Model: Black/Brown base
Speed:1300 to 1500RPM 
Weight: 405g / 0.89 lb
Size: 180mm X 90mm X 90mm / 7.08 x 2.76 x 2.76 in
Material: High quality steel, Metal ,etc.