21-536N: All Terrain Robot

AED 140.25

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CIC all terrain robot kit kit allows you to build three track-type robots: a forklift, a rover, and a gripper.

The assembling process is easy and doesn't require soldering or special skills. You'll need scissors, micro cutting pliers and a screwdriver to pull all the part together. You will find the explanation for every assembly phase in the user manual. Beginners and experienced robot builders may choose three different models to build, namely a forklift, a rover, and a gripper.

Don't forget to prepare 4 AA batteries! They're not included in the kit, but robots won't make a move without it.

You can play with the robots both inside and outside your house. Connect the wired joystick to control the toy. Robots can execute several commands: move forward, backward, turn, grip and lift things.

In the forklift mode, the robot acts as a mini industrial forklift, with the ability to lift up to 100 grams of weight. When you change it in the rover mode, you'll get the tank-like robot that can traverse any type of surface. Don't hesitate to take it for a ride in the closest park! The gripper mode allows your robot to grab, lift and move anything up to 100 grams, to your desired location.

Kids study while you assemble and play with your robots. They learn basics of robotics and engineering. Besides, the toy helps to get acquainted with the principles of crawler mechanisms.



Maximum lift

100 g
Power AA batteries × 4 pcs. (not included)
Length of joystick cord 130 cm
Package size, L × W × H 400 × 290 × 90 mm

Package Contents

  • CIC All Terrain Robot 21-536N (disassembled parts)
  • User guide — 1 pc.