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DS-1250C 250MHz Digital Oscilloscope

EZ Digital DS-1250 250MHz Digital Oscilloscope are featured with DC to 250MHz, maximum 100MS/s realtime sampling per channel (Maximum of one channel: 200MS/s), equivalent sampling rate of 25GS/s. Its 16bit high speed microprocessor adoption enables to acquire maximum 100,0000 points per second and prompt update the picture on the screen. EZ Digital DS-1250 250MHz Digital Oscilloscope basic memory capacity is 32KBytes and captured waveforms can be zoomed in and analyzed in detail. Also its built-in 10ns peak detection circuit enables to capture high frequency noise at a low speed time/div and magnify and analyze it using the zoom-in function. It can save up to 10 waveforms and provides diversified analysis function like FFT which is available at high-end products.